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Recent Speaking Appearances

12/17/15 - Ezra spoke at the Art Institute of California, 3rd Annual Student Fashion Show to promote Angel City Sports. 

10/10/15 - Ezra spoke to 50 Angel City Sports supporters and athletes at the Shoe City Performance Awards Presentation at Orangetheory Fitness. 

08/15/15 - Ezra spoke to 200 entrepreneurs at the Secret Knock, a prestigious motivational seminar in San Diego

06/19/15 - Ezra spoke to over 150 athletes and supporters at the inaugural Angel City Gamess and then led the Parade of Athletes down Bruin Walk

05/12/15 - Ezra spoke to children and their families at Children's Hospital Los Angeles CATCH Picnic.  

04/28/15 - Ezra spoke to 17,000 kids at We Day Illinois and meets his idol, Magic Johnson

04/18/15 - Ezra was the kick-off speaker for the Annual Safelite Charity Weekend in Las Vegas, speaking to the them of Overcoming Your Challenges 

02/26/15 - Ezra spoke at We Day California to 16,000 children and was introduced by Justin Tuck from the Raiders

02/25/15 - Ezra spoke to 500+ of junior high school and elementary school children at Stratford School in Fremont, CA 

02/24/15 - Ezra spoke to over 100 Veterans and VA staff members at the VA Hospital in Palo Alto, CA

02/23/15 - Ezra spoke to over 200 college students and the local community at Pacific Union College in Anguin, CA near Napa Valley

02/04/15 - Ezra spoke at the Hanger Clinic National Convention

01/30/15 - Ezra was the keynote speaker at the Disability Sports Festival in Palm Desert, CA 

01/08/15 - Ezra spoke to over 500 elementary school children at Skyline Elementary in Del Mar, CA